Aya Odagiri: Not Your Everyday Woman

Aya Odagiri... I think she has to be the prettiest character in Jetman even for a senior officer. One can't help but think that this female commander is one amazing woman... as a mother figure of the group and as a tough as nails commander rolled into one.

Her role started when she was confronted with the issue of entering the birdonic waves to invent the Jet suits for the Jetmen. Her aim was to get Earth ready for the invasion of Vyram. Her prime targets to become Jetmen that day were both Ryu Tendo and Rie Aoi (who unfortunately became Maria of Vyram or was a Vyram).

She was one to knock sense into Ryu Tendo when he wasn't "fully awake" and yet allowed him to weep for his apparently dead girlfriend Rie Aoi as a sign of compassion. She proved herself as being able to mold ordinary civilians into an extraordinary taskforce to fight the threat of the Vyram especially when she turned Kaori Rokumen, Raita Ooshi and Ako Hayasaka into fighting machines by her training. She would be the female version of Dr. Nambu of Gatchaman being a scientist as well... after all she designed the third robot Tetraboy. However she is closer to Gatchaman II's Sylvie Pandora.

I can't help it but admire her looks and her fighting power and how she uses various ways to bring the team together, awaken their senses and even at one point, she is able to comfort them in their times of need like when Ryu Tendo awakened and discovered his girlfriend was supposedly dead. She is also the one to train the Jetmen in their karate skills.

She has a strong concern for life which she doesn't wish anybody to be treated like trash. This was revealed during the Meteorite BEM scenario which she decided to help the New Jetman force with her gun skills. She eventually proved her courage more than Commander Ichijou who tried to take her position.

She was also one to prove her amazing powers when she defeated Leech Drill by herself using Jet Garuda (which is the episode that reveals she chooses to avoid her admirers). It was a result of her rage when the Leech Drill turned her into one evil woman for the meantime.

She showed genuine concern for Ryu Tendo when Radiguet killed Maria. In the final battle, she showed up and eventually joined in with them piloting Jet Garuda. She was able to help them find Radiguet's weak spot which she was able to prevail in the end. Towards the end, it seems she must have met the man of her dreams but it's not revealed.


  1. businessvartha.blogspot.comMarch 6, 2009 at 1:44 AM

    Aya Ogadiri, the write up deserves special congrats

  2. Hell hath no fury over Aya Odagiri's scorn! Messing with her means suicide!

  3. Ilove mikiko miki aka chokan aya odagiri. Shes really beautiful and very fierce.


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