Sen and Umeko's Deka Loving

Actually Dekaranger seems to have another interesting romance. From the official timeline, they have become a couple and it seems to be what I would say is that it's probably an unexplored potential WAAAAAAY back in the past (say Green 2 and Pink 5) that is finally brought to fruitation.

Well they didn't really date at first since in episode two, Sen was dating some office girl that both Ban and Hoji fought for. But as much as the series came, the two started to become an item sooner or later but it was in episode 46 when a false suitor came to Umeko that Sen's real feelings started to pour out for her.

That false suitor was none other than an Alienizer named "Matthew" but whatever his real name was never mentioned. He was a criminal who got widowed 273 times because he killed all his brides. This really made Sen angry and so did Umeko that they worked as a team to defeat him for good. At the end of the episode, the two admitted their feelings.

In the movie, they do get into plenty of hilarious situations too. While they temporarily were apart because Sen forgot their date, they did come back together again afterwards.