Sentai Primary Giant Robots

Super sentai didn't always start with a giant robot. If one can remember Goranger and JAKQ, there was only the flying fortress. Here they are:

Battle Fever J was the first to present a giant robot. It finished off enemies with a sword (which became a trademark but some primary robots later deviated from that). Unlike other robots, it was merely sent and all five rangers would just board it immediately after its launched from the Battle Shark.

Daidenzin was the second giant robot. It was the first sentai transforming robot (I'll create an entry on second robots next) a trend that will follow later on.

The Vulcan Robo is the first combining robot composed of two pieces.

Goggle Robo was the first three piece robot. Others that followed are the Dyna Robo and Change Robo. It was the only robot not to be piloted by all five members.

Dyna Robo- I find this to be oddly designed. It was the first to defeat an enemy battle fortress for the finale.

The Bio Robo was the first one to do multiple finishing attacks which was also later done for the Megavoyager in Megaranger which both are only composed of two mecha. However it was also having some sentience being able to show some fear.

Change Robo- Well not so much significance at first until it was the first to destroy a planet-sized lifeform final enemy.

Changeman had the Flash Titan
The Great Five of Maskman is the first five piece combining robot.

The Live Robo is the first animal based robot and the last one to have a flying fortress. It was the first to merge with an extra robot which I'll mention later.

Turbo Robot- first automobile based robot.

Five Robot- The first combining robot not to have a shield and have a trailer mode.

Jet Icarus is the first sentai robot that has the mecha to combine alternately into a jet fighter.

Daizyujin is the first supernatural robot and a fully sentient one at the same time, being able to speak and all but for some reason, he allowed the Zyurangers to pilot him.

Dairenou is the first robot to have an armored formation instead.

Invincible Shogun is the first robot to be composed of five individual humanoid robots. Ohranger had Ohranger Blocker Robo but it was a secondary robot instead.

Ohranger Robo is the first robot with battle helmets operated by the different rangers.

RV Robo- The second automobible themed robot, viewed by some as an beefed up Turbo Robo.

Galaxy Mega is the second two piece combining robot with various finishing techniques.

Victory Liner is the second family oriented robot.

Gingaioh is the first galactic beast mecha.

Time Robo is one to have two ways of combining.

Gaoking is the first mult-gattai robot which can have many parts or even change the primary body. Others that followed were in Abaranger, Boukenger, Gekiranger and Go-onger.

Senpuujin from Hurricanger- a modern alternative to Live Robo.

Abaranger- The first dinosaur multi-gattai robo.

Dekaranger Robo- The first robot to use a gun more than a sword in destroying the enemy.

Magiking- The first mystical giant combining robot ran by a sibling force.

Daibouken is the first adventure based robo. Duh.

Juken Geki Toja is the first martial arts based robot that wasn't so bulky.

Engine-Oh is the first combining primary robot created from... DANCING CARS.

Shinken-oh would the first Sentai robot that used armor add on from some of the other mecha used in the show. I felt like it was also a tribute to Battle Fever J's Battle Fever Robo.

Gosei Great is the first to use headers and after many years, the use of a fire sword.

Updated as of: November 13, 2010