Sentai Secondary Robots

Super Sentai decided to add more robots to liven up the series. Here are they from past to present:

Titanboy- the very first secondary robot.
Galaxy Robo from Maskman is the first secondary robot to somewhat have sentience and be a transforming one. It also killed its own pilot while on test drive.
The first secondary robot to be used by two additional members, a gattai one (which I will also make an entry on secondary gattai robots).
Star Five was the first sibling based secondary robot.
Bird Garuda was the first alien-based secondary robot to combine with an Earth-based primary robot.
Zyuranger's Dragon Caesar is the first secondary robot that would combine with three of the other mecha and is piloted by the sixth ranger instead of the entire team.
Won Tiger was the first secondary robot to be piloted by a child.

Ohranger's Red Puncher is the first second robot that was piloted ONLY by one ranger while they were still five in the group. This is also a tribute to Galaxy Robo in Maskman.

Delta Mega from Megaranger, I honestly didn't like its design.

Gouraijin was a tribute to Live Boxer despite the differences in components.

Dekaranger's Dekabike Robo has to be the weirdest because it can become a motorcycle for the Dekaranger Robo before the gattai was introduced. It is also the fastest.

Daikaioh was the only one of the Shinkenger's origami that was created by its sixth member Genta Umemori/Shinken Gold. It combined with the Ika-Origami for added protection.

The COOLEST part of these secondary robots were to later "gattai" with the primary robot, an element that became popular in the 90s (but later, due to multi-gattai, the idea isn't very present anymore).
Due to the 2+3 element in Liveman, the idea of gattai was incorporated. Super Live Robo is the first. This idea was used in Hurricanger as well.
Turboranger had the five piece robot combine with the extra robo and the result was the Super Turbo Robo which however couldn't walk.
The Super Five Robo was able to fix the problem of the combination not being able to walk. The trend followed with Jetman, Ohranger, Megaranger, Gogo V, Timeranger, Hurricanger and Dekaranger but some gattai robots were unique.
The Great Icarus was considred by some as the best primary + secondary combination.

Gouryujin was a combination of Dragon Caesar, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger and Mammoth.

Won Tiger combined with the other four mecha that formed Dairenou's armor.

Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher formed the Buster Ohranger Robo.

Gouraisenpujin is the combination of Senpujin and Goraijin, triggered by a mini-robot that was combined from each robot.

The Daikai Shinken-oh was the combination of Shinken-oh and Daikaioh. It's pretty cool if you ask me.

Updated as of: November 13, 2010


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