Significant Sentai Self-Operating Robots

Super Sentai later introduced the concept of a self-operating robot, one without a pilot. Here are the most significant ones.
Tetraboy from Jetman was the first AI robot. It converted into a giant bazooka for either Jet Icarus or Jet Garuda to fire. The concept was put into Jetman during the Ashu crisis.

King Brachion of Zyuranger is more than a fortress mecha because it had a will of its own and had no pilot. It was the first to also combine for the ultimate combination.

And so is Daimugen who has a human form.

Tsubamaru is the first one to combine with the primary robots directly. The concept was re-used in Gogo V and Timeranger.

Tackleboy is the smallest AI mecha. I personally thought the Ohrangers can take advantage of his size to beat out Tetraboy in a battle.

Ginga Phoenix is the first AI mecha that composes of five pieces.

Ginga Rhino is the second AI mecha to be composed of five pieces.

Liner Boy is the first AI robot to be used by a family Sentai. It combined with the Victory Robo to form Max Victory Robo. It was however destroyed in battle against Salamandes.

Time Shadow was sent from the future. It had a vehicle mode and it combined with the Time Robo Alpha and Time Robo Beta to form either the Time Robo Shadow Alpha and the Time Robo Shadow Beta.

Daigoyou was created by Genta to replace him because of his temporary fear of sushi. It never walked whole in miniature form. It could combine with the bear, turtle, monkey and dragon origami.

Updated on: November 13, 2010