Sentai With the Most Martial Arts

Sentai has been known for its action scenes which overrides the Power Rangers franchise (which is the western adaptation). So far here are the groups I would like to rank really do perform the most jaw dropping moves ever.
#1- Dairanger is for me the one that performs the most martial arts. Clearly this classic super sentai presented the most number of awesome moves since it is based on Chinese fighting styles which in cinema is the most notorious for super duper exaggerated fighting scenes.

#2- Gekiranger is another to focus on Chinese martial arts. This time they portray different beast styles but Dairanger seems to be better in my opinion.

#3- Kakuranger. These ninja masters were another of the most unforgettable martial artists for sentai.

#4- Maskman is the first to promote Chinese martial arts. The show itself focused on the use of aura power and different martial arts techniques. Nobody can forget Takeru's karate or Haruka's ninjitsu.

#5- Dekaranger though a detective series shows a lot of martial arts due to the "kenpo" used by each and every member.

#6- Hurricanger deserves to be in second to the last place of my pic for the reason that it focused more on gadgets (like Liveman would being an apparent modern adaptation) over martial arts but still, it contains a decent amount over some of the predecessors and successors.

#7- Maybe Shinkenger will be the last place.  Okay there's plenty of decent sword fights throughout the whole series BUT there's been a lack of fists.


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