Some Kanako Maeda Pictures

Maybe Maskman is WAAAY to far already but I think some classic Kanako Maeda pictures should do nicely for older sentai fans of my time: (she's already in her 40s and the only sentai actresses that really outdid her are Reiko Chiba who's now married, Ayumi Kinoshita, Chise Nakamura and not to mention Haruka Suenaga)
In a classy swimsuit. This was one of the best pictures in the 80s sentai.
In one of their shootings
A really funny picture with Yuki Nagata
A hot pic of her in a motorcycle


  1. Where did you get those pictures? The one with Yuki Nagata on it is cute! I thought Yuki was holding a camera phone...the pic gave me the illusion of it. :)



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