Taking Sentai into Space

So far there were a few sentai series where the members as a team really went into outer space. These are some of them:
Changeman was a classic 80s sentai that actually took the members into outer space. It happened during the final battle against the massive living planet Bazoo which they destroyed through his heart via Change Robo.
The Flashmen trained in outer space and left the series for outer space due to the anti-Flash effect within them.
The Fivemen trained in outer space and later returned to fight Zone. After the end of Zone, they flew back to outer space to reunite with their parents.

The Ohrangers before the final battle when they went to another planet to be re-energed with the bio particles before finishing the Machine Empire.

Megaranger took itself into space as their base was in space (hence Saban had it named "Power Rangers in Space").

The name Gingaman is too obvious. They fought in space for the final battles.
The five Tatsumi siblings of Gogo V went into space with the Victory Mars to battle Salamandes on the moon.

Being space oriented... duh! Well they go into space at times if necessary. The Dekarangers are after all an expanded version of Sky Force (Sadly, Mikoko Miki never appeared as Swan).


  1. Correction: Megaranger didn't fight Dr. Hinelar on another planet. They fought and destroyed him on Earth before their graduation from high school. The Megarangers did fight Yugande on the moon before destroying him on Earth; not before he destroyed the Delta Mega and knocked the Galaxy Mega and the Mega Winger out of commission.

  2. @elijah brenton- Thanks for clearing my muddled mind. Have been watching too much Chinese movies lately.


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