Buldont and Maruchiwa: They Died Side by Side

I think of all the sentai villain couplings, this is so far the first that died side by side. This is Kaiser Buldont (the son of Bacchus Wrath grown by his father's powers) and Multiwa. If we can remember the plot- the crowned price was turned into a greater power by his father and he married Multiwa to become his queen thus turning Queen Hysteria as a mother-in-law. Before that, Multiwa used one of her love arrows to use Bomber the Great as a weapon against the Ohrangers which of course ended in failure.

The thing is the two of them managed to make the plans to destroy the Ohrangers s soon as possible where they devised one creative plan after the other only to be defeated. They always fought together to the extent they gave the Ohrangers a harder time than usual to defeat them.

In the finale when their forces were destroyed, it came to a dramatic end when both of them were defeated for good. They both grew giant and were however defeated by the King Pyramider Battle Formation and they were destroyed for good. They stayed side by side during their final moments and died shortly before their son Buldont Jr. was born (and was raised by Acha and Kocha together with Gunmajin).