Dekaranger Mecha

Phew! This is my first mecha analysis for sentai! I might do old robot analysis but then, Dekaranger is somewhat "too awesome" in the field of science in my opinion
The Patstriker is my personal favorite! It's fast and reckless! It forms the main body. It's really the fastest automobile "zord" ever since Turbo GT from Turboranger. I like the way the Justice Sword comes out and slashes away enemies.
The Patgyro is the only one that can fly. It's almost a homage to Red Beet's mecha in B-Fighter. Forms the right leg. This is the fastest mecha ever. It's kind of a deviant mecha as it's the only air mecha while the rest are land (the practice started in Zyuranger).
The Pattrailer holds the three signaled cannon for Dekaranger Robo as it forms the left leg.
It's the slowest of the group. It forms the left arm of the robot. It's the toughest as well with emergency lights. It can be very comical whenever Deka Yellow does a ram attack.
The one used for traffic signals when it's traffic. Why didn't the past sentai groups think of this? I kind of like this. Forms the right arm.

Dekaranger as a series presented some rather very unique mecha for giant robot battles which I think are too classic or too awesome like...
The Dekaranger Robo presents some gun fire moves like no other super sentai robot would. It uses the Pat Cannon or the Justice Sword to finish opponents. It was defeated by Abutrex near the finale but was later rebuilt (or a duplicate was made).
The Dekabase Robo is very unique in a way that it's the first base robot that could really walk and be more humanoid compared to that of the Victrailer of Carranger. It's much bigger than the other robots and it's used during the time when an enemy machine beast is much bigger than the rest of the robots. It stands at 88 meters tall (possibly taller than Turbo Builder) while most sentai normal robots least 45 meters tall with only a few meters difference. I love its rather advanced version of the Turbo Builder Beam or the Deka Vulcan. In the final episodes, Aburera took this and nearly spelled the end of the Dekarangers if it wasn't for an emergency power stop.
The Dekabike Robo is the very first mecha that has the alternate form of a motorcycle. In the near finale, it was destroyed when Tetsu set it on remote control. A second one was made for crossover movies.
Which is this and it can...
Be ridden by the Dekaranger Robo. The two combine into...
The Super Dekaranger Robo is unique because unlike other gattai robots that do increase in power but slow down considerably, this one does break the record when it gives a power boost and a speed boost too. It gains a little increase in height and uses the rather magnificent multi-vector punches rather than the standard projectile/beam finishers.

Advanced versions of the Jet Birds:

Patwing 1- forms the body and the head
Patwing 2- forms the arms
Patwing 3- Forms the legs and lower torso
Patwing 4- Forms the left leg
Patwing 5- Forms the right leg
The Dekawinger Robo is my personal favorite. This is when the five Dekarangers are in SWAT mode. I think this is a modern version of Jet Icarus. Even if it doesn't combine with Dekabike Robo, I think it's faster and more powerful on its own and has very powerful shots. It becomes...
This is the cannon mode. Think of it as Tetraboy and Jet Icarus concept merged. This fires a huge punch!

Next time, I'll probably make another mecha analysis. But then, I need better ideas so please comment here!