Dekaranger SWAT Mode

The Dekaranger SWAT for me has to be the coolest sentai team battlizer ever used. They were first used in episode 33 and in episode 34, they were needed for the Dekawing Robo (my personal favorite mecha in Dekaranger).
This is Commander Bunta the one who trained the Dekarangers to use SWAT mode. He is sort of like Commander Ibuki in Changeman. The training may remind one of the classic good old days of Changeman episode one featuring the "hellish" training only this time, they're already rangers.

The thing is here are the cool features in these suits:
A powerful sensor to use as an x-ray, radar and detector. Well it's been a long time since sentai heroes had these powers.
There is the communication which has farther frequency than to that of the regular communicators like SWAT pros.
The awesome vests that were not only bullet proof but shock absorbent. Well SWAT vests are always necessary.
The leg armor enhanced their kicks double the power in the battiefield.
I think this weapon is WAY too cool. It's almost kind of a rip off one from B-Fighter namely Blue Beet's Beet Ingram but they all have it. I like the way it fires a hyper version of Jetman's
Smashbomber bullet.