Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai

It's been a long time before I have done any reviews for Super Sentai. Okay let's get it straight. The whole issue of Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai is "Forever Red". The whole movie starts when...
The evil Highness Rakusha is resurrected by Tsuetsue and Yaba-iba (whatever timeframe this took in is up to you to fit in) which devours the souls of warriors. He made the Orgs more powerful and he devoured the fighting spirit of the other four while they "crucify" Gao Red.
In this movie, they meet the now senior Big One with more seniors such as Live Falcon (he really looks old now!), Mega Pink, Ginga Blue and Go Yellow. Each one of them had a specific lesson such as Red Falcon teaches Gao Yellow on better swordsmanship, Gao Blue teaches Gao Black on strength, Go Yellow teaches Gao Blue on tactics and Mega Pink teaches Gao White on disguises.
They eventually learn that they can't be easily crushed when they have the will which defeats Rakusha and they rescue Gao Red. Unfortunately Rakusha grows giant size. But wait... the mecha of the past sentai heroes assigned to the red rangers show up and assist. Eventually the Gao King gets extra power from the energies of past red rangers which are...
From left to right- Tyrano Ranger, Red Hawk, Five Red, Red Turbo, Live Falcon, Red Mask, Ace, Aka Ranger
From left to right- Red Flash, Change Dragon, Red One, Dyna Red, Goggle Red, Vul Eagle II, Denzi Red, Battle Japan
From left to right- Time Red, Go Red, Ginga Red, Mega Red, Red Racer, Oh Red, Ninja Red, Ryou Ranger

Eventually they lend their spirits (rather than just be for display) to form the Gaoranger storm to defeat Rakusha. Although a cool attack, it would have been nice if they jumped in to fight remaining orgettes for the day. But then, not disappointing either with all the other action scenes.


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