The Glory of Tranza

Another villain spotlight- I think Tran deserves to be put here too! This was probably Takumi Hirose's most iconic sentai appearance after acting as Liveman's Kemp (this was corrected some time ago, thanks to whoever posted it).

Tranza was just Tran the physically youngest Vyram who was just a playful enemy. But the constant bullying and prodding of the other three Vyram members namely Radiguet, Maria and Gure caused him to go enraged and try to defeat the Jetmen as much as possible.

While he used his Ant Bazooka monster, he was enraged when he lost again. Using whatever anger he had in him, he accelerated from a child to a fully grown adult to get even with the others. Endowed with power greater than the others, he began to challenge the Jetmen and proved an even greater threat than Radiguet was... that is for awhile.

He decided to challenge Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk to a duel but it was intervened when Radiguet attempted to defeat him with Torpedo Piranha... a bad move. He used his powers to bully the others to submission, a decision he would soon regret thereafter. He constantly tried to give the Jetmen more pain than the others. He even managed to resurrect the Meteorite BEM through entering a meteorite piece into Tetraboy to invade the Jetman base.

He was also considered to be an extreme sadist in how he dealt with his subordinates. When his test android G2 failed, he made sure to kill him. He was soon building the Veronica to try and outlast the Jetmen. He soon created Veronica to try and outlast the Great Icarus. Although he almost succeeded, Radiguet's intervention led to his defeat. He also tried to use the Tomato King to defeat the Jetmen but failed when Raita Ooshi/Yellow Owl overcame his fear.

The last we'd see of him was when he attempted to collect the Jetmen with his weapon to turn them into stone slabs for his collection. Radiguet managed to use Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk against him and this led to his failure. As the other four were freed from his spell, the Jetmen decided to use the Fire Bazooka against him. But amazingly he survived- but he was severely weakened. Radiguet then decided to torment him in an act of revenge. He became insane and ended up in the mental assylum probably for the rest of his life. He and Radiguet (in the form of a thug) are probably the only surviving Vyram members left after the war.  But I just thought that Tranza's defeat was really oh so satisfying to watch especially that my favorite villain finally got even with him.

In the non-canon manga, he was used by Radiguet as a host vessel and he killed Radiguet in a suicide attack in an act of vengeance.


  1. Uh, he played Dr. Kemp, not Dr. Mazenda.



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