The Questers' Legacy

The most interesting enemy of the Boukengers are the Questers. They started as the demon tribe known as the Ashu or a supposed "missing link" in the evolutionary timetable or something. But they were of the supernatural realm nonetheless.

Well they were probably sealed off long ago or some escaped anyway. Theoretically speaking, they must have been part of the three demon "gods" or the same tribe of Ragorn from Turboranger. Anyway they were an interesting addition to the series. Perhaps they were the "unexplored" side of Ramu and Gorg on what if they stayed longer for Jetman? Maybe Toei finally decided it was time to do it for Boukenger.

They started in their quest to free a lot more vicious bouma into the world and they probably thought of bringing dead bouma back. They had an enemy in Eiji Takaoka who later became Bouken Silver who was a nagare bouma like Yamimaru and Kirika. So they were probably serving Ragorn but when he was defeated, they decided to pursue their own goals and whatever they were are unknown and is up to fan decision.

The two really display their treacherous nature one way or another. When they were supposedly dead, Gaja turned them into cybernetic warriors which nearly killed the Boukengers if it wasn't for the debut of Bouken Silver who was able to counter their new powers. They even stole the Gajadam as their first robot and refused to serve their new master. Whenever they appeared to show trouble to the Boukengers, they didn't use human-sized monsters, they frequently released giant robots which the two piloted together.

They also teamed up with the other enemies of the Boukengers like Gaja, Ryuon and Dark Shadow for their own selfish gains. They were masters of manipulation like how they dastardly made Natsuki/Bouken Yellow (Lilina) use the Lemurian sun to try and defeat humanity. Their cruelty also focused on Eiji Takaoka and even brought back one of their violent demon allies namely Ouga who was in love with Kei (Eiji's mom) and found the nagare bouma an abomination.

The worst had to be the one that led to their near demise. They tricked Gaja, Ryuon and Dark Shadow into getting the parts they needed to make Homonculus namely the Paracelsus' Mercury, the cadaceus staff and some rare herb. Though they nearly destroyed the world but they were defeated by the return of Eiji Takaoka, an engine overload and finally, it was their demise. Gai met his demise at Eiji's hands and Rei at the hands of the others.