Super Sentai Bugs

Here are some questions that I feel like deserves to be asked for super sentai:

Weapons break and return? Well I do believe that there is always an "emergency spare" prepared for such situations which are used sparingly.

How do the heroes and villains do monitor the battle results or send broadcasts? My theory has to do with GPS or a tracking device for the scientific ones (like the Neo Empire) or they simply watch TV to know where the empire is attacking. In Bioman, I think Peebo must have subscribed to the local news channel and so did Gear. For the broadcasting systems, well they can't really reply that much. I think the enemies do carry around a camera (but we don't see the cameraman) when they send broadcasts or some have managed to learn how to send transmissions due to their advanced technology. If they did, I think a lot of people must have viewed it. Then again, in sentai, a combination of audio-video receiving was long done before it became a reality though no super sentai powers are possible. I think the heroes do have their own "TV station" (but sorry folks, no broadcast of their battles) which has a satellite dish and their own satellite which was somewhat implied in Jetman.

Reaching the place on time may not be much of a problem because they either had teleportation or traffic isn't a big deal in Japan. Well for the enemies, they did learn to teleport either scientifically or mystically.

Some enemies store a lot of monsters yet deploy only once for a mission in contrast to most that create one per week. I wonder why the enemies never thought of deploying them all at once? I think this displays the Japanese virtue of being thrifty.

There is a lot more to come soon!


  1. there are some logical item to answer your question. In dekaranger, the monsters can't perform at once because they are paid in high price and also need a lot of money to make a robot for them. if they perform at once, Agent Aburera will bankrut at once. In Magiranger, they don't need gps or everything to watch the battle, and teleport also is not a big problem. Just use their magic mirror, crystal ball and magic force field. Weapon break and repair, i think everyone need to do this for next battle


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