Super Sentai Fashionistas

Super sentai members have had hairstyles which vary during the fad like:

1980s- the "fashion disaster era"
In the 1980s the super sentai members typically had 80s style clothing and hair. The fluffy hairstyle was very common.
The Turborangers however began a trend tht would be copied much- with rather hot anime style outfits.

Super sentai looked more civilian. Above are the Jetmen who were probably the most formally dressed super sentai members.

Well super sentai series started wearing the uniforms far more seriously and the Anime hairstyle hit again. It started with Timeranger but I like Dekaranger's style the best.


  1. I don't like the uniforms of the 2000 era sentai series. I find it cheesy. That's one of the reason why I like Shinkenger is that the vassals and Takeru-sama are able to speak up their personas with their fashion styles.


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