To Battle A Planet

I think Changeman's Star King Bazoo deserves a special spot as well in sentai history. I mean he could be considered by some sentai fans both fan of the classic sentai series of old as the most unique villain due to him being too different. In what way? Well for those not familiar with Changeman, he's actually an entire planet himself with sentience. You can't get harder than that!

For some reason, he is a planet, perhaps he wasn't always a planet or something. Well, he could be seen like Ego the Living Planet in Marvel Comics which is apparently only upon fan speculation how he came to be. He was always in charge of destroying sentient species whenever he felt like it and wanted to reshape the Universe.

He was also very callous towards his own officers whenever they failed. He had a very harsh policies towards traitors and demands undying loyalty. He was also one to spare some planets that agreed to his rule as well.

The Changemen weren't aware of what he really was until the climatic episodes when some of his henchmen such as Gyodai, Shima and Gator defected to the Changemen. It can't be denied that the final episode had to be too awesome since it involved the Changeman battling him in his true form- as a giant, living planet that wanted to conquer the Universe. He hid behind Halley's Coment to destroy the planet he could never have.

But in the end, he was defeated by the Change Robo who attacked him from within.