Yaba-Iba and Tsuetsue's Romance

I think another super villain romance worth mentioning are Yaba-iba and Tsuetsue of Gaoranger. Well I think there's really something between them since episode one while they roamed the Earth waiting for any Org highness to arrive.

The two as an item always went together during missions when they are commanded by the respective highness to fight the Gaorangers. Despite their evil nature, the two showed genuine concern for one another especially during the Loki crisis when they feared for each other's welfare.

Tsuetsue showed her genuine concern for Yaba-iba when he went giant worried he would never come back. It greatly sored Yaba-iba when Tsuetsue was killed off by Rasetsu after she was tricked into cutting her own horn which is the source of her powers.

Out of love, Yaba-iba decided to "assist" the Gaorangers which he tricked them into using their finishing move to get that energy needed to fish his love out from Hell. With that, he got her out and the two resumed their rather intimate relationship even to the point when they brought Senki to life using the essences of the three highnesses to create the Ultimate Highness to defeat the Gaorangers.

At the end after Senki's defeat, the two were buried under the Nexus where they both gave their last words for each other. Again, they are the second to die side by side. However Tsuetsue was temporarily brought back to life in Boukenger vs. Super Sentai so why not Yaba-iba too?


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