Best Sentai Final Battles

My picks for the best final battles for Super Sentai:

Changeman- Well it seems Changeman despite being in the 80s has the best finale. Why? No other teams has dared to challenge an entire sentient planet and destroy it with only one robot, risking death and emerging victorious.

Go-onger- For a funny series, Go-onger's finale was way awesome and serious. I mean, the world was nearing its end during the final battle.

Fiveman- I think the whole fight against an enemy where even your strongest combination doesn't work is something and they risk being killed upon entering into it.

Megaranger- They took the risk to defeat Dr. Hinelar's final form without causing serious damage to the city at the risk of their lives.

Ohranger- The final battle was too intense. I mean, all hope seemed lost but they emerged victorious after that fight.

Magiranger- The whole final battle where the Ozu family plus the brother-in-law use their magic to defeat a giant N-Ma without their mecha is an awesome feat.

Dekaranger- Well even if Aburera didn't die in giant battle but it was too intense as they lost their powers to morph that time when he took over the base. It took a lot of brains to do the job. It was always a tough one that is explainig how Aburera and his pals were easily beaten in the end.

Gaoranger- The time when ALL the 100 beasts (others unknown) appear to defeat Senki is probably the coolest looking attack after the Gaorangers are seemingly helpless because they can't morph.

Hurricanger- The whole battle between the Hurricangers and the resurrected generals as well as Tau Zanto is EPIC!!!

Zyuranger- I think I like the way Zyuranger had its final battle when they finally defeat Dai Satan/Lokar after escaping from Bandora's dimension.

Dairanger- The final battle was something when the empire fell apart. It was a one on one but really amazing fight between Ryou Ranger and Shadam after the Earth shaking jewel was defeated by the Dairangers and then Daijinryu shows up to cause havoc.


  1. Go-onger's final 4 episodes were one of the best episodes in the series in my opinion. It was like Ohranger and Gaoranger finale, they lost almost every hope due to the apparent deaths of their teammates and the engines. But they surmounted their fear and battled the enemy until saving the world, which was so intense.


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