Chevalier: The Herald Towards Death

Chevalier... the herald towards death and the coolest Zone subordinate. He was actually the first recruit of the Silver Imperial Army Zone by Vulgyre and he was out there committing murders.

When he heard of the struggle between the Zone and Fiveman, he decided to show up and he did sing "Hero" by Kai Band (an 80s song). His introduction was cool singing a popular pop song hoping to ensnare the Earth. He had better instrumentals than the Kai Band ever had. What's funny is that how did he learn that song?! Since when did aliens ever become a fan of Kai Band? So don't expect to hear the song in the Fiveman OST.

An introduction to him was when he introduced himself as the first field commander of Zone. He however for some reason left to operate in some regions of the Universe to conquer other planets.

His most infamous technique had to be the use of singing to counter the Fivemen. What's even funnier is that when he enlarges Cricket Jin (without a Gorlin) he also sings the song "Hero" once again with the Gingamen (NOT the Super Sentai title) but he was defeated by the Fivemen's theme song. However it was not the last they'd see of him.

He was actually able to outbest the Fivemen's latest equipment which they developed. For instance, he began an unhealthy rivalry with Garoa which he produced better monsters which each episode stressed the Fivemen beyond their limits. As a result, he was made the new captain of Vulgyre which he intensified the battles against the Fivemen driving them to even harder situations that required stressful thinking to win.

However even his efforts were not best enough as Garoa did actually win his position back with the Big Garoan. Not willing to give in to defeat, he decided to collect the Fivemen as his trophies but all that came in vain. At the last of his life, he was lured to his own death. In the second to the last episode, his prized Black Gorlin was soon destroyed... at the same time he fell in battle against Five Red which revealed it was his death, not the Fivemen's that were needed for Vulgyre to transform into the galactic beast.

Interesting note: The actor Kihachiro Uemara was the one who played Green Flash. He was among a few sentai veterans who played both hero and villain roles.


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