Dekared: Not Your Everyday Red Ranger

I think Banban Akaza/Dek Red is one of the red rangers that deserve a spotlight. After all, he's been hated by a good number of sentai fans who kind of liked the traditional sentai heroes over the ones that were rash like Riki Honoo/Red Turbo in Turboranger and Takeru/Red Mask in Maskman but like them, he also proved to be a reliable leader in the long run.

His beginnings are as a space police who was motivated to fight crime when he saw a young boy die at the hands of an Alienizer. Nobody would have expected he would be the red ranger of the Dekaranger team, not especially Hoji Tomasu who grew to dislike him due to their differences. Hoji Tomasu was more serious (and rarely had a sense of humor) while he himself was more light-hearted, overzealous and rash which led to serious problems between the two because he was at times not serious with the mission.

The thing is he and Jasmine seemed to be hinted together whenever Jasmine called him "Ban-Chan" but why the writers didn't want to push it that far is unknown. Instead in the movie version (the canonicity is probably real since most sentai movies save Kakuranger vs. Ohranger agree with the normal timeline) he falls for Marie Gold who is from the Planet Leslie. It seemed they broke up but it's later hinted they could be into a relationship. He also had shown a development of maturity from a rash and fiery person to a more balanced one who had started to keep his mouth shut whenever needed.

Towards the end, he and Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue began to appreciate each other's existence. During the rather tough final battle when Aburera took over the Dekabase and sealed away their powers, he led them rather well to the final battle. It seems he and Mari Gold are already in a relationship but it's not further explained in canon.


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