Dryer Jigen Left and Lived

Dryer Jigen will probably be the most memorable good monster since MOST of them usually ended up dead for treason against their respective evil organizations. One before him namely Trash Jigen was killed by Maria for betrayal. But what's amazing is that he lived through to tell the tale.

Somehow the writers wanted him to live or what. Well here's his backstory.

He was created by Tran to help conquer the Earth but he wasn't very useful due to his intelligence though he is very powerful. Since the rise of the bio jigens, he felt useless and decided to prove himself by challenging the Jetmen but his good heart always came in between the battle like when he helped an old lady or when a puppy licked him.

Angered by his own good self, he ended up daydreaming where he got serious and defeated the Jetmen's Jet Icarus, only to find out it wasn't real. He awakened and tried one more time by kidnapping two girls but they ended up having a "free makeover" which the Jetmen finally got the goodness out of him.

However this marked him for death. Tran decided to kill him but he helped the Jetmen. After the battle, he is apparently working in a barber shop (and I wonder why people aren't scared) but he's never mentioned again after that episode or even in the finale. So technically, he, Tran and possibly Radiguet are the only Vyram left alive.


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