Gatchaman Mecha and Sentai

Here are the following mecha from Tatsunuko's Gatchaman that inspired future sentai. After all, it seems that Gatchaman inspired the late Shotarou Ishinomori (of Kamen Rider fame) to create Goranger.
The Eagle Sharp in Gatchaman II seemingly inspired the Variblune fortress in Goranger seeing the looked alike.
The Gatcha-3 in Gatchaman F inspired later designs like the Patgyro in Dekaranger and the Green Hover in Gogo V. But its design was also used in the Metal Hero series B-Fighter in the form of the Reddle Hover.
The Gatcha-4 in Gatchaman F seems to have inspired Variblune.
The Gatcha-5 in Gatchaman F inspired the making animal-based mecha eventually taken into Go-Onger's mecha.
The New God Phoenix in Gatchaman II was an inpisration of the Icarus Haken as well as the Jet Garuda.
Gatcha Spartan in Gatchaman F has the idea of five vehicles combining into one ship was first used in Jetman and later Timeranger.

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