The "Gifted" Rangers of Super Sentai

Actually Super Sentai had a few exceptional rangers who possessed certain abilities that didn't make them very human even when out of suit. These are:
Gou Shirou/Red One (Bioman)- Unlike the other Biomen, he received extraordinary ability to talk to animals. This ability proved useful in many situations.

Lin/Houou Ranger (Dairanger)- She was the only one who had the ability to sense chi even out of suit.

Kakeru Shishi/Gao Red (Gaoranger)- He had the ability to communicate with animals much like Red One in Bioman.

Shirogane/Gao Silver (Gaoranger)- He had the ability to feel the spirits within people and detect Org disturbances from the winds.

Yukito Sanjou/Abare Blue- He could detect any defects and weak spots even out of suit.

Marika "Jasmine" Reimon/Deka Yellow- She had extra sensory perceptions born within her. She wears gloves because her hands involuntarily activates them. It's more of a gift-curse type of thing she has.

Natsuki/Lilina/Bouken Yellow (Boukenger)- Being a Lemurian, she could see through some future events and read through minds.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver (Boukenger)- Actually since he's a Nagare Bouma he also had some other powers like sensing enemies from afar especially the Ashu. Like Yamimaru, his physical skills are greater than that of an average human being.

Jan Kando/Geki Red (Gekiranger)- He has an unusually hard body where he can be pinned by a log and not have a SCRATCH on him.

Note: The fact is these types of rangers caused Disney to make all the rangers have these "genetic differences" which however some fans felt is making the show too cheesy starting with Power Rangers SPD (rip-off of Dekaranger)

Updated as of: May 29, 2009


  1. You forgot the ESPers. The Suto siblings. And maybe Jan's Zowa Zowa sense.


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