Igam: The Prince Is a Princess

Maskman presented one of the most unique "classics" that aside from an emperor who turns out be just a monster of the week type of character, I think Igam deserves another spotlight. She had begun her role as a "he" (well if you look closely, it's obvious Igam is a lady) and some people wonder why. In fact, while the Maskmen and most characters aren't aware, some of the viewers knew of her true identity as CLEARLY seen in flashbacks.

She started to rival Red Mask for the sole reason that her twin sister fell in love with him thus "smring" the Igam name. The whole issue of the show was that she kept her identity secret while she was served by her underling Fumin who frequently dealt with female warriors. She also had become rivals with Baraba which some fans assume that she must have secretly liked him and wanted to shed her disguise as a man. She also showed some concern for her sister that despite being a traitor, she didn't want Ial to end up with Kiros (but it was okay for Zehba).

Her whole motivation was focused on getting rid of Takeru because of her twin sister's love for him which she felt smeared the Igam name, while unaware that Zehba was actually a monster himself. Some discovered her femininity in episodes 11 and 16 where she is really a princess but still, most people thought she is a man. Eventually the Maskmen discover her real identity in episode 45 when her helmet fell off confirming what some viewers found out.

In episode 48, it remains a mystery why she was disturbed by Baraba's death probably worried she would be next. In episode 49, her twin sister Ial reveals the whole truth why she was raised as a man. In episode 50, she ended up in her worst moment of shame learning that Zehba was but an underground kaijin (monster of the week) which in the last episode, caused her so much shame that she ended up becoming a Buddhist nun to repent of her sins, proving she still had much goodness in her.


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