Kiros: A Victim to Greed

Maybe Kiros would be one of the most classic villains that laced the 80s sentai, one that would inspire many other villains who was an enemy of both sides just like Bio Hunter Silver in Bioman. But he had dark motives- was it to rule the world? Not really. He had something else. He was sort of the "dark adventurer" concept which was ported WAY LATER in Boukenger.

Kiros was my favorite Maskman villain because of him being able to defeat the Shot Bomber when he first appeared with that rather cool technique known as the Crescent Screw which he developed to survive the Whirling Hell where hew as trapped before while trying to capture Ial. I kind of find him perverse when he gazed upon a bathing Ial (that scene was cut in other countries) and decided he must have her as his bride, which he looked only upon the temporal.  But strangely enough he could have had flirted with Momoko but he didn't, his eyes were somewhat fixed on Ial.

He frequently angered the Tube's followers whenever he demanded from Zeba to be given Princess Ial, especially Princess Igam who he didn't know was a girl by then. Because of his desire over Ial, he developed a hatred for Takeru/Red Mask as well.  This of course was considered a direct affront considering that Zeba was the emperor at that time.  He had no respect for authority whatsoever, he got what he wanted though it's possible he was also a warrior for hire.

So it was this- he was a deadly enemy of the Maskmen because he also pulled some rather difficult tactics on them like being able to turn Kenta/Black Mask into a coward or how he ran Akira/Blue Mask blind. He also had at one point been fooled by Haruka/Yellow Mask and Momoko/Pink Mask who pretended to be under his control. He also had attempted many deadly stunts like when he decided to resurrect the legendary Bizarre Dobler which he was unaware that Zeba was the beast himself. He was however overcame by the Maskmen especially when Akira/Blue Mask developed a technique to counter his Crescent Screw.

He was the type to take advantage of the situation which got both Baraba and Igam to hate him all the more. He also tried to resurrect the warrior of darkness which also failed. He decided to trick Baraba and Takeru/Red Mask to their deaths so he could have Ial. He even tried to bribe Oyobur into melting the ice but was refused. Just when Igam was about to kill Ial for treason, he was severely wounded trying to protect her, probably his minute of redemption. He was then impaled by a sword and died for what he thought was love.


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