One Hit Kills Against Enemy Scuds

The scuds were a typical fodder in super sentai. Without them, there would be lesser fight scenes. I think most of them die during missions but rarely exploded, they simply died in an ordinary way or retreated and died another time. However some died with one hit and it wasn't Saban that introduced such a concept with Lord Zedd's putties.

The following scuds were sometimes killed in one hit:

The regular mechaclones in Bioman- These were probably the first enemy scuds that could be killed in one hit. While understandable with higher attacks, however by cracking the masks open with a punch done by the Biomen in-suit which can render them useless as ALL that fuel they run on will pour out.

Some of the Hidrers of Changeman sometimes died from a simple wound done at their tubes which they deflated like balloons. Also their chests were their weak spots which if hit right, they can also deflate. The Changemen at times took advantage of their weaknesses too which at times resulted to one hit kills. A mere wound on that area was enough to kill them. Of course, the Changemen needed their suits to do that.

The Barlo Droids of the Bara Empire of Ohranger sometimes died at one hit from the pistols used on them which they break to pieces. The empire later built better ones but still failed.

The Igaroids of Dekaranger were sometimes easily taken care off with just the blasters or a good punch at the head so no wonder Abrera decided to use Batsuroids and Anaroids as well.


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