Riki and Haruna: Turbo Loving

The fact is I think Riki Honoo and Haruna Morikawa actually are sort of a couple in Turboranger. Why? Well I'd like to start with some few details.

Riki Honoo does have feelings for Haruna Morikawa but the two seem galaxies apart. While Haruna Morikawa is almost "miss perfect", Riki Honoo is a low-grades, ADHD person.

When the Sigh Boma attacked young girls in episode 12, the two were having a hard time controlling their feelings for each other. Also, the whole scenario had them blushing and laughing during the whole trap scheme. It was obvious they had feelings for each other.

Another perfect instance of the two being hinted is when in episode 31 the whole school was teasing them about each other which led to Riki Honoo's secret admirer (at first) Sayoko (Kirika) to get jealous. The next episode afterwards, Riki Honoo shows genuine concern when Haruna Morikawa falls down.

He does show concern especially during the time when Haruna Morikawa put herself at too much risk when she was the only person who had her powers intact when Ragorn returned. However it was really disappointing that their relationship wasn't further explored as the series ended. :-(


  1. Yey! Thank you so much! :) I also remember that in episode 24, (the one where Haruna saved the puppy) Riki showed deep concern to Haruna asking her if she was ok. :) His eyes really showed that he was worried about her. In episode 19, if you noticed, Riki did not fight Haruna. He was even shocked when the motorcycle person who attacked him was actually Haruna. Episode 36, he threw Haruna's baton towards the kungfun girl who attacked her. :) Those are the other scenes I remember. Thank you so much for granting my request. :) Keep on blogging super sentai. Good Job!

  2. There are indeed a lot of scenes that show how much Riki cares about Haruna, but personally, I don't think he's in love with her.

    I think Riki is a type of an "excelent leader", who cares about his friends. He also shows a great concern to Daichi (when Daichi loses his power and his truck mecha), Youhei (when he's poisoned), Shunsuke, Kirika, Yamimaru, Yamaguchi-sensei, Prof. Dazai and especially Shilon. I think he's just too nice that he can't let anyone of them gets injured.

    However, I won't deny the fact that he might be interested in Haruna, although it's not shown clearly.

  3. That may be but I see more Yohei and Haruna getting intimate!!!


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