Sentai and Crucifixion

Super Sentai also got notorious for using crucifixion as well. Crucifixion is a method of punishment for the worst criminals in the ancient world. Although Japan is hardly into Western influence, still east meets west.

What's interesting is that in Japanese history, there was the execution by haritsuke which a victim was bound to the cross prior to being finished. In Super Sentai, there were failed haritsukes that occured.

Here are some of them:
JAKQ had this crucifixion scene where Jack, Ace, King and Queen were supposed to be executed but a fake missile saved them.

In Bioman episode 28, Dr. Man designed these crosses to be their gravesites which would slowly kill them in agony which was a course of action to punish the Big Three for treason.

In Maskman episode "Prince Igam's A Woman", it was during this episode when Akira became Fencer Unas and Igam had them set on crosses, symbolizing death before Igam's true person was revealed before many.

The Jetmen in episode 43 were being placed on crosses which they were ordered to by a possessed Aya Odagiri which Radiguet intended to kill them. But it was unwise for Radiguet to crucify them on suit. Again, there was a short crucifixion scene of Red Hawk during the episode of Tranza's fall.

In Gaoranger, Shirogane was crucified by Ura to force him to fuse with Loki once more. In the movie, Kakeru was also crucified by Yaba-iba and Tsuetsue.

In Gokaiger episode 43, Marvelous was crucified too for execution.

Updated on: January 4, 2012


  1. Interesting. Lunagel of Magiranger was also crucified.


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