Sentai Heroes/Heroines Deaths

I think it's time to document the tragic deaths of Super Sentai heroes/heroines as they were: (I just print screen these from a Youtube video by Fantasyleader and one is from ex5700x namely Kiranger II's death)

As heroes as they are, they are NOT invincible because they are but flawed humans and only God is invincible. Here are some of the deaths that really took place and brought a tear to the eyes of fans:

Daigorou Kumano/Ki Ranger II- He was a temporary member. He was killed when Can Opener Mask's blade thrust into his stomach and killed him. The actor was just there temporarily since the original acted on a play.

Kensaku Shiraishi/Battle Cossack I- He was severely shot by Egos agents out of suit (here there is no henshin sequence, only wear the suit and boom) while trying to save his younger sister. His actor left because he got married and wanted to enjoy some time with his bride.

Mika Koizumi/Yellow 4 1- She was shot several times by the Bio Killer Gun to save the others which Mason intended to kill Gou Shirou/Red One after harming their Bio Robo which recovered. She also did save Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five from the same fate and eventually the others. When the Bio Killer Gun ran out of ammunition, Psygorn blasted her with a strong blast ending her life. Why the suit remained is unknown although it's because Yuki Yajima left the set due to payroll issues. What's really sad is that this episode seemingly predicted Thuy Trang's death though she died by car accident. Later she re-appeared in Akibaranger in-suit only as a ghost.

Gai Yuki/Black Condor- Gai Yuki's death for me was really a great Sentai injustice not because he died but because of how he died. Unlike other Sentai heroes who showed their human vulnerability in battle, he was killed by a random mugger, nobody noticed him dying and he just died there, as if his friends didn't notice he was dying. Later, Ryu and Kaori named their son after him. He later reappeared in Gokaiger as a ghost.

Dragon Ranger/Burai- This scene would be tragic in MMPR as well as it was to Zyuranger fans. Burai lost his lifeforce when the lapseless room used to keep him alive was destroyed by Bandora. After this, he had no more restoration thus causing him to finally die. I kind of find this very tragic like the death of Optimus Prime in Transformers. Again this taught children even heroes die. Why Shiro Izumi's character was meant to die is something then again, I think he had another project. No wonder why some people didn't like Zyuranger. He was my favorite Zyuranger... always was, always will be. Later he reappeared as ghost in Gokaiger and reappeared with Geki in Akibaranger as Powerful Rangers and later restored back to their normal selves.

Kujaku- The goddess herself died as the Earth was too polluted. I couldn't help but think while the story was well-written it was also very predictable that her relationship with Daigo was a star-crossed one.

Mystery Mother- The estranged wife of Shadam and the mother of the twins Kou and Akumaro. She died when the cave, caved in on her and she died with her other son Akumaro. It was a very tragic death scene indeed!

Master Kaku- He died during his final battle with Shadam where he attempted to become the Gorma Emperor to bring peace to both sides. He's also the first Sentai mentor to die on script.

Sandayu- Killed by Junior/Gasha Dokuro in cold blood. Somehow that scene made me wish that Gasha Dokuro wasn't killed off.

BullBlack- He was mortally wounded in battle against the Balban which killed him. He sacrificed himself to undo the mistake where he tried to blow up the Earth to destroy Balban. His ghost later arrived to make Hyuga the second Bullblack.

Naoto Takizawa- I consider this the most ironic because he was killed by a zenitto's bullet at a distance. Really lame. I wish the writers just killed him in battle like the V-Rex explodes or something. Later he re-appeared as a ghost in Gokaiger and Akibaranger.

Mikoto Nakadai- He was just like Burai who started off as evil. He ended up dying when his suit self-destructed, this time as a "last minute hero" because he first served the villains and defected to the good guys realizing he was wrong. Later he appeared as a ghost in Gokaiger and Akibaranger.

Jin Masato - Like Burai, he was already dead to start with though the show didn't have too much of a hint to do so. He sacrificed himself in order to ensure that Enter would be permanently destroyed. Strangely, there was a rumor concerning Power Rangers RPM that one of its members was supposed to die so Venjix can be defeated.

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  1. I'm on the side that Guy really died.

  2. Just wondering, if I remember correctly, Black Condor appeared on Super Sentai World. Is the film canon? If yes, Guy is still alive.

    1. Super Sentai World takes place during Kakuranger, so about two and a half years after Jetman ended. But Gai's death scene was three years after the Jetmen defeated their enemies. There's no plot hole here, Super Sentai World simply takes place before the mugger killed him.

  3. It's up to you to decide whether or not it's canon because Toei stated that the timeline for each series is separate and that the viewers are left to decide the timeline.

  4. I'd say this post is an interesting piece of history between the two of us. Eh Sean? :D

  5. btw, always feel free to post any of the vids from my channel. I like to share. ;)

  6. Guy is just like Ninpu Sentai Hurricanger's Shurikenger, because Shurikenger died in episode 48 by Satorakura using Tenkujin, and he returns in Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger VS Hurricanger with Revolver Mammoth and Ninjamisen carried

  7. The thing is, Kakuranger took place 3 years after Jetman. Gai might not be dead yet.

  8. The wedding in Jetman took three years after the fall of Vyram. By the way, should I tell you that the Sentai timeline according to Toei is that every series operates within its own continuity/reality which was in the past, which of course means Toei gives fans an imagination on how the Sentai universe works.

  9. Other heroes that died but got resurrected: GaoYellow, Blue, Black, and White, Shurikenger, MagiMother (kind of), MagiShine and Wolzard Fire, and Rio and Mele (temporarily)
    Also, GoseiGreen is the most recent hero to die and stay dead

  10. Gai is not dead.. he is set to return in Gokaiger.

  11. Sorry as much as you Jetman fans hope for but Gai is dead, you ca feel it in the last episode.
    The thug that stabs him is the future G-Stag/ Mega Silver.

  12. It's official. Gai is dead. Episode 28 shows his grave with gifts from his fellow Jetmen.

  13. Guy killed by a simple thug and naoto killed my a foot soldier? that's stupid I think the writers have been smoking a lot that it came to the point of loosing their sence of creativity ��


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