The Tomato King

Tomato King is one of the kaijin I think that deserves another spotlight. Why? Well having this kind of monster may have inspired the monsters of Kakuranger and Shinkenger which involved plenty of psychological warfare.

Well he's one that was created from the very imagination of Raita Ooshi/Yellow Owl from Tranza in an attempt to destroy the Jetmen through the use of fear which would render one of their members powerless and it feeds on fear.

He's kind of unique because he's probably the only sentai kaijin that the Jetmen couldn't defeat by ordinary means. It was after all a battle of WITS and as long as Yellow Owl feared it, it became more and more powerful. The Jetmen discover that this opponent was based on Yellow Owl's childhood fear of the legendary Tomato King which turned everybody's heads into tomatoes and it was created through some unknown lifeforce seemingly unique only to Jetman.

The Jetmen tried to destroy him with the Smashbomber but Yellow Ow's fear kept making it impossible for them to destroy and the Jetmen were incomplete in battle giving it an upper edge.

But ironically, it was weakened whenever Yellow Owl ate tomatoes which slowly devoured his head until he was destroyed at long last by the Jet Garuda.


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