Turboranger Goofs and Plotholes

It seems Turboranger was the series with a lot of goofs and plotholes (but I'd watch this series over Carranger anyday) like:

The number of times the Turborangers lost their powers and regained them is TOO MUCH of a torture.

In episode 7, Zimba's past is one of mystery. So I wonder who the princess was?

In episode 12, why did Ragorn hit his trusted adviser Rehda after being told that Ruffian Bouma is a traitor?

In episode 13, Zimba is too calm with Zulten teasing him about Jarmin while Jarmin overreacts. I wonder.

In episode 20, Zimba could easily kill Sumo Bouma yet he couldn't easily kill the Turborangers.

In episode 27, the issue of Bell Chime Bouma's torture seemed to shock both Rehda and Zimba perhaps it was because they were outbested.

In episode 28, the Turborangers easily defeated Zimba yet he could defeat the Turbo Robo.

In episode 32, the Mirror Bouma was easily defeated by a GT Crash but it needed the Super Turbo Robo to defeat it. The same was in episode 47 with Dragas Bouma.

In episode 37, how did Zulten create his clone Zulten Metal Type?

In episode 39, I think this should be the biggest goof of all- how could Red Turbo survive in a one on one battle against Ragorn? It's also a plothole why the Nagare Bouma decided to use Red Turbo ALONE when they had the power to confine them both?

The fact is the finale aslo had it where Ragorn in his second form was however easily defeated by the Super Turbo Robo. I wonder why?

Also what was the real deal with the Nagare Bouma? Were they really evil?


  1. As Zimba, Jami and Dr. Rehda proved to be formidable to the heroes why where they killed and replace by Kirika and Yanimaru???


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