Vulgyre: The Planet Eater

If Changeman had its own "Ego the Living Planet" in the person of Star King Bazoo, Fiveman seems to have used Galactus another Marvel villain to design the well-hidden Vulgyre which was frequently known in the persona of "Empress Meadow" which we never found out was merely a simulation he created until the series was closing to the finale. Whether or not he and Bazoo fought before is entirely up for fans to speculate.

The Zone Empire has been conquering and destroying life while it seems that the crew itself had been promised their home planets' sparing or their lives (similar to the Gozma of Changeman) in exchange for their services. While using the guise of Empress Meadow who was a woman he wanted to recruit but refused, he fooled a lot of people into serving him.

The fact is after he demoted Garoa was his secret beginning to leak out. How? Well Garoa found some unusual energy in their battleship in episode 42 when "Meadow" appeared in red form. In episode 45, his secret was finally revealed when Five Red discovered that the starship itself was ALIVE. In episode 46, he turned both Dordora and Zaza into one being known as Rose Dolgin to destroy the Sidon flowers because they turn out to be his weaknesses for some unknown reason.

Eventually he revealed how he uses and manipulates people. He intended for Chevalier to return to Earth so he could complete the task he had set. Chevalier being the first recruit was "trained to be his herald" (think of the Silver Surfur) which he fooled him into committing mass murders. After a cool battle between Five Red and Chevalier, the fall of Chevalier allowed him to get the energy he needed of the "most powerful death in the Galaxy" and he became an indestructible monster ready to devour the Earth.

Unfortunately for him even if he easily defeated the Max Magma, the Sidon flowers were his weakness because they sprouted life from the very first planet he devoured. The Fivemen encounter Garoa and Dongoross the last two survivors where they meet the real Meadow. The real Meadow finally used the spirit of the Sidon flowers to destroy him once and for all.


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