Yamimaru and Kirika: Thread of Fate

Turborangers had two rather interesting (or to some not so interesting) villains known as the hanyo or Nagare Bouma, a concept that was integrated later into future sentai series. Both of them had their own backgrounds.

Yamimaru started off as a pest that fought both sides and had no real purpose or aim but to cause trouble. He later decided to trick Zimba into final battle so he could later defeat the Turbo Robo hoping to gain a position in Ragorn's empire as he plotted to take over. He took advantage of Sayoko's misery and convinced her to become Kirika and the two became a pest that was seemingly greater than that of the deceased three generals.

Actually only Kirika had a major plothole between them- was she born thousands of years ago or was she born in the present day? There seems to be no answers but its presumed she was put under suspended animation to slow her aging (a concept integrated into Natsuki) and was raised by skull monsters. She didn't have much of a past so she was convinced to join Yamimaru though at first she was in love with Riki. She and Yamimaru unlocked the power of Dragas which became a constant menace but too bad the three generals were in Hell to create a rivalry between them (blame the budget).

The thing is they both plotted to overthrow Ragorn and stole an important artifact which they planned to use to blow off the Turbo Builder in episode 39. It's amazing that they planned to divide and conquer as they forced Red Turbo to fight Ragorn hoping to see the last of them both BUT Ragorn came enlarged. They soon came into bigger trouble when Ragorn resurrected and Zulten sided with Ragorn once again.

Towards the end, both remembered their fallen humanity which they lacked the evilness of their predecessors thus allowing them a second chance. It took the thread of fate to save Yamimaru before the Turborangers blew off the Violent Demon Castle. In the end, it can be assumed they might still wander the Earth but are living peaceful lives already. But kind of makes me wonder what'll happen if they encounter Eiji of Boukenger?


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