Zimba and Jarmin's Romance

Sorry for the poor picture quality (I just took a shot of this from Youtube using print screen) but I kind of was thinking the two of them deserve to be posted for their romantic encounters. It's evident that the two are somewhat in love but they were short-lived.

Zimba was more of a tragic zombie who was rejected by a princess despite the fact he saved her. Jarmin however has no back story behind her sadistic behavior. But yet the two seem to get along which in fact, Zimba was somewhat impressed by Jarmin's attempts to swallow love from young girls but both of them denied whatever feelings they had in episode 12 which he grinned after Zulten got whipped.

When Zimba fought, it was sort of like he frequently approached Jarmin and did everything to impress her as well which is received well. It can be evident that when Zimba was punished, Jarmin pleaded for his release in episode 18 which he later repaid with his life in episode 28 which resulted to his death. Upon his death, Jarmin was deeply saddened and lost all will to live in the next episode which also resulted to her death.

Later I believe they were used for Griforther and Lami.


  1. I thought Zimba was one of the best Villain hechmen since Guardnoid Gash, Grey and Uganda!

    The biggest mistake was to kill the 3 which lost the challenge in the series but Turborangers will always be my top fave!!!


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