A Blue Coincidence?

Actually I think that there's much of a coincidence between Youhei Hama (Blue Turbo) and Souta Megumi (Bouken Blue) in these ways:
  • I think they almost look alike.
  • Both are jocular and chases around girls. Both of them also had fallen in love with the enemy but in different ways. Blue Turbo fell for Chime Violent Demon and lost her when Jarmin killed her. Souta Megumi develops a crush on Shizuka.
  • Both tend to goof off from duty at times.
  • Both are good friends but not romantically involved with the pink rangers of their respective series. They sometimes beat a monster together.
  • Both tease their female partner with the leader of the group whenever the pink ranger gets close to the red ranger.


  1. Hi Sean! It might be obvious to you now that I am a big fan of Turborangers. :) I like your post for today! Yohei was my first crush in the series, then Riki followed. Haha. Although I like the Yohei/Haruna pairing also, I could not help but notice that while watching the series, there was more chemistry between Riki and Haruna.Haha. So they became my favorite pair instead. Keep on blogging Sean!

  2. Finally, I've found someone who thinks that Youhei and Souta look alike! I even thought they were brothers ^^; (but they're not, haha).

  3. I don't know if Blue Turbo Youhei is still acting but he still appears in Sentai fan gathering and conventions and he still looks the same since 1989!!!

  4. Hi, Sean! My name is Keiya Asakura, you know me as Youhei Hama. My friend told me about your blog and found an interesting post, so I'm writing a comment now. If you use twitter, follow me as my account name is @keiya_asakura.
    Looking forward to communicate with you soon!


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