Boukenger Team Analysis

I think it's time to really make a character analysis on Boukenger's rather unique cast. Here's what I think of them:

Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red- I think he's more of the typical field leader way back in the 1990s sentai. His personality is more like Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk of Jetman who can successfully pull an act to deceive even his teammates. His rivalry with Ryuon reminds me of Ryu Tendo's rivalry with Radiguet. His having lost a girlfriend in the past (but she's really dead) is sort of too cliche a thought while being a new twist. Actually he doesn't recall her much after he's able to save his comrades during the Bouken Drill's first entry. I wonder if he's willing to make room for a new relationship? I mean he doesn't suffer dramatic struggles with love within his team but with only who's better between him and Inou Masumi.

Inou Masumi/Bouken Black- I think I can compare him to Guy Yuki/Black Condor of Jetman except he's not a playboy. He seems tough, a jerk but he can be nice. His rivalry with Bouken Red is kind of similar to that of Ryu Tendo and Gai Yuki. His "gift of darkness" may have been what Jetman writers wanted in Guy. His rivalry with Yaiba is so far a more personal one. His most daring act had to be using the Drill Head Crusher against Desperado out-of-suit with the others, the most dangerous act in Super Sentai history. Though he was hinted to have a crush on Sakura Nishiboshi early on in the series, the idea was quickly shifted to Natsuki Mamiya.

Souta Megumi/Bouken Blue- He's kind of the "nicer version" of Gai Yuki. Actually he would probably remind me of Youhei Hama/Blue Turbo of Turboranger with the following: his jocular personality, going after certain girls and his partnership with the pink ranger (both did) while having no romantic interest whatsoever. He seemingly like Natsuki Mamiya too.  I thought his crush on Shizuka was pretty funny.

Natsuki Mamiya/Bouken Yellow- She is the baby of the group probably due to the lack of exposure to the real world. She's probably an exaggerated version of Ako Hayasaka of Jetman. Her mysterious past however is rather "too classic" in all of super sentai for any rangers whether male or female. She and Inou Masumi are like Gai Yuki and Ako Hayasaka of Jetman in a way- shipped but never in canon.

Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink- She could be a "what if" of Kaori Rokumukan as both are rich girls called to duty.  In her case though, she had already left her boring heiress life before she was recruited into the Boukenger team and she learned to fight, she's more secret about herself. She has a rather sticky attraction to Satoru Akashi though she doesn't dare admit it so she's a less open version of Kaori Rokumeikan who openly admitted her attachment to Ryu Tendo. An interesting twist if you ask me. Too bad for her, she doesn't marry Satoru Akashi at the end of the series.  I just thought only if I were a character there, I'd go for her.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver- I think he's not so typical as a ranger and he's seemingly carrying the personality of Yamimaru of Turboranger. Okay he's like the what if Yamimaru became a ranger scenario. The whole thing in him is that his being a Nagare Bouma is a burden he carries. Unlike most additional members, he struggles more with discovering who he is. He actually got hinted with Sakura Nishihoshi by some fans but it doesn't seem he ever likes her or something. I wonder why. However fan-fiction pairs them both. He also reminds me of Jeff Kensaki from the non-canon Jetman manga having the rocker spirit and look, and also when he "substitutes" the spots of Masumi in a few episodes.  What's enjoyable about him is his rivalry with the Ashu and his backstory with them making him my favorite Boukenger.

Zubaan- Actually he's the oddest extra member because unlike Ninjaman, Gunmajin and Sirender he acts like a Pokemon (a name I abhor) just saying his name repeatedly. Actually he's at first closer allies with Satoru Akashi but later he also sides with Natsuki Mamiya because of her Lemurian heritage.


  1. This is the first Sentai I fully watched and the first sentai before I gave up on pr. You have a nice analysis here. Its interesting that the Boukenger attribute former Sentai warriors. I like your comment on how Masumi's use of the Dill head Crusher was the most dangerous act in Sentai history. It was and it was one of my favorite acts, too. I also like Masumi's final duel with Yami no Yaiba. That was awsome. You should make a blog enrty for Yaiba


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