Boukenger Villain Analysis

Boukenger seems to be inspired by Jetman when it came to villain plots. While the Vyram competed among themselves, so did the Negative Syndicate and they form various small factions that compete with each other for absolute power. At times, they team up as well but betray each other.
The High Priest Gaja- He is the apparently lone survivor when Gordom sank into the sea and he is apparently immortal. He was laid to sleep before but he was awakened when the Boukengers were in search for the Gordom Heart. I think he is a milder version of Tranza, both being psychics and having one arm made from inorganic materials.  Appearance-wise, he does somehow resemble Black Cross Fuehrer as well.

Ryuon- He is a man who genetically altered himself to become a monster via his extreme hatred of humamnity. He also has traits of Radiguet like how several times his battles with Bouken Red marked on him- his first being inflicted with a fatal wound which he remembers, him considering his blood "holy" and that he gets angry easily.  Like Radiguet also, he has a very sick mind, rivals the red ranger and is really the biggest monster in the whole series.  He had some chances to become good yet he always chose to remain evil as well, making him the outstanding villain imo.

Gekkou- He is far too original with little sentai inspiration except from Tak from Timeranger.

Yaiba- He is a far more evil and callous version of Gure from Jetman while he is still more calm than the rest. His rivalry with Bouken Black is taken to a deeper root as there is an interesting backstory that goes back from his childhood. The intense fight between the two in the end has somewhat intensified version of the classic fight between Black Condor and Gure.

Shizuka- Her presence is like Maria of Vyram except she doesn't have a past with Bouken Red. However her partnership with Yaiba is somewhat like Maria and Gure but neither are in love. She is more of a typical "catwoman" in sentai like Farrah Cat, Fuumin and Zaza. Her personality can be compared to Tran before becoming Tranza as she is childish and has very funny plans.

Gai and Rei- I think their names are a play on Guy Yuuki/Black Condor from Jetman and Rie Aoi. Okay maybe not. However I think they are the unfulfilled script of what if both Ramu and Gogu stayed longer in Jetman. The part where Gaja tries to make them serve him is like Radiguet trying to let Ramu and Gogu serve him as well. They would also remind some of the Gear Empire because they brought in only giant mecha whenever they appeared.

Updated on: July 30, 2009


  1. Wow! You've really got a good eye with these things Sean Akizuki! After reading so many of your Boukenger blogs, it seems like Boukenger is sort of like a Jetman #2. Very interesting.

  2. Hey, I was wondering. Do you think Shizuka's personality could be similar to Tran's? They both seem childish, yet dangerous at the same time. Plus, they both seem to share some similarities in their plans and missions.


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