Dekaranger Team Analysis

I think for 2000s sentai, the Dekarangers are kind of unique in a way or cliche in another. The thing is Dekaranger succeeded where JAKQ failed.

Here's what I think about them:

The relationship between Banban Akaza/Deka Red and Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue is a really big what if Guy Yuki were Red Hawk and Ryu Tendo were Black Condor scenario for me. I've done an analysis on Red Hawk and Black Condor and I think the two are a reverse. Deka Red is more of a happy go lucky, somewhat arrogant guy like Black Condor and Deka Blue is a professional and also tragic guy like Red Hawk... quite a reverse. (Note: I might do an analysis on them too)

Banban Akaza/Deka Red- As a leader, he is more hyped than Riki Honoo/Red Turbo of Turboranger when it comes to his ADHD. He's not very well-liked by most red ranger fans due to his rather rash behavior and he's not very typical as a sentai leader. He's the type you don't expect to appear as a leader. For more info, click here.

Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue- He's not much of the majority of the blue rangers. In fact, he kind of reminds me of Ken Hoshikawa of the Fiveman siblings. Also his tragedies are not very common for a sub-leader. He is the most professional guy who can go from arrogant to lenient, learning from mistakes and all like Ryu Tendo was in Jetman.

Sen Enari/Deka Green- He is far the most unsual ranger in history with his thinking pose (reminds me of Rui Hanazawa of Hana Yori Dango). I just thought that I find him funny despite the fact he does get on Ban's nerves for being "different".

Jasmine Reimon/Deka Yellow- Her being an ESP is another making her an unusually gifted ranger. She is like some of the older female yellow rangers who tend to pull pranks on the enemy.  I just thought that while she looks really hot, she could really kick ass and fire a sarcastic remark at her enemies.  Just my two cents that she is really more than a pretty face so beware of her leaving high degree burns!

Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink- She is a typical master of disguise like most pink rangers in the past. However her scenario of being put in too many misfortunes in a series is something new that makes comedy moments better. Her relationship with Sen Enari is kind of complicated. She is also the shortest in the group too.

Tetsu Aira/Deka Break- He is like most sixth members who can be distant at first with the heroes and later gets close with them. He's so far gone closer to Jasmine Reimon suggesting the two are into a relationship which can be evident for some fans. He like Jasmine Reimon were trained since childhood by the SPD so in a way, he is like taking X-1 Mask's short lived story in Maskman to modern sentai. He and Banban Akaza are close friends despite their different personalities. He can be seen like another Big One in JAKQ but he didn't replace the red ranger as the leader.

Doggie Cruger/Deka Master- He is the first sentai commander who is also a ranger as well. He is all in all the most baddass sentai commander yet. He seemingly had feelings for Swan, a plot that was apparently dropped probably due to some complaints from JAPANESE parents. He also has the ideals of Sanjoru Sugata of Maskman.  I would compare him to Commander Ibuki both being aliens and badass commanders who mold their subordinates into shape.

Swan/Deka Swan- She is seen to be the typical assistant-lady of the base like to that in Maskman but she is also a ranger as well. She's the first lady assistant to henshin. However she seems to be like Aya Odagiri in Jetman as well.


  1. do you know? Some of my friends always think that sentai/rangers are the show for children, and they said i was childlish, hahaha. But when they watched dekaranger with me while i was watching too, they said wow, it's cool

  2. "First Sentai commander to become a ranger"? Maybe you should look into JAKQ again.


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