Destroyed Mecha

Actually in some super sentai series, some of their mecha were really destroyed either in the middle of the series or towards the final battle. This is where destruction goes too far that if a crossover happens, I believe a second mecha was built to replace the destroyed one.

Again, Power Rangers didn't start the trend of destroyed mecha, Super Sentai did although Saban's era of Power Rangers took it TOO FAR in MMPR.
The Flashmen lost Flashking before the final battle. Eventually they lost Flash Titan too before finishing off the final foe Dr. Lee Keflen after the main villain was defeated.

The Fivemen lost the Magmabase during the final battle against Vulgyre. Only Super Five Robo remained as Earth's last hope.
The Jetmen's mecha were damaged badly after the final battle with Radiguet- apparently Jet Garuda can't be repaired assuming the parts needed are Dimensian. Tetraboy was severely dismantled by Radiguet.

The Carrangers lost their mecha in the final battle against Exhaus. The only way Exhaus was defeated was being fed expired imo youkan by the Bowzock which allowed the Carrangers to shrink him down and defeat him for good. Apparently a second batch was made or they were repaired by advanced alien technology.

The Megarangers lost Delta Mega and Mega Voyager during the final battle against Dr. Hinelar.

Gogo V lost Victory Robo, Grand Liner and Max Shuttle in the battle against Salamades Dragon and Zylpheza II.

The Gaorangers lost their mecha during the final battle with Senki. Despite the fact they were apparently restored, it may still count.

The Hurricangers' mecha all died in kamikaze attacks against the enemy. Oddly enough, they showed up during the Hurricanger vs. Abaranger special. However I assume they were a second set used.

I think Top Galer used by their foe turned true friend Abare Killer can count.

The Dekarangers lost the Dekaranger Robo and the Dekabike Robo whe Abrella took control of their base. Only Dekawing Robo and Dekabase Robo were left intact for future missions. In the VS. Universe, they were however repaired.

The Shinkengers lost all their mecha in the final battle against Emperor Doukoku. How they were restored for the OVA is left to be seen.

Updated as of: November 10, 2010


  1. I'm a bit confused. Why do you say the Jetman mecha aren't repairable?

    Not sure if this counts, but in Gingaman vs Megaranger (which is part of the Gingaman season), both Gigarhynos and Gigapheonix were destroyed by Gerumadix.

    Also, in Abaranger, Topgaler dies alongside Mikoto (Abarekiller) (not sure if living mecha count). Same with Gaoranger in the finale.

    Great list by the way. ;)

  2. Oddly,The Hurricangers' mecha reappeared in "Abaranger vs Hurricanger".


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