Eiji Takaoka: Blown by the Silver Wind

I think he's one of the most interesting rangers in Sentai History for the reason that he's actually a wandering violent demon like Yamimaru and Kirika. His backstory is kind of interesting so let's get it down.

His father (acted by Hirose Watari a.k.a. Sharivan and later Spielban) was a member of the Takaoka clan, probably that allied itself with Rakia centuries ago and fought with several violent demon tribes. However not all of them were sealed away for long. His father fell in love with his mother a violent demon and thus he was born a nagare bouma. Like Kirika's parents, it was really love but one that was never allowed.

He had no idea who his mother was until the two Ashu enforcers Gai and Rei appeared who sought to release all the violent demons (which may include Ragorn and maybe even Ramu and Gorg from Jetman) from Hell back to Earth. He realized he was half-violent demon and he grew to resent his heritage, pledging himself a full blooded human. For a time, he hunted the violent demons that were left undefeated by previous sentai groups that fought with them provided everything's canon that is. However he met his destiny as a ranger when he ran across the Boukengers.

At first, he wasn't the likely candidate but Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red chose him anyway. He became Bouken Silver during the time the Ashu became the cyborg Questers thanks to Gaja's sorcery combined with technology. However he resented his position because of the fact that both violent demon and human blood flowed through his veins until the spirit of his dead mother Kei told him of his true destiny which his new powers were able to beat the Questers' anti-parallel engines which the Boukengers were not able to match up until their suits were later modified. He then joined the Boukengers and frequently got into the front whenever the Questers showed up. At first, he and Inou Masumi had a rivalry but that came to pass.

One time was when he seemed to have developed feelings for Sakura Nishiboshi/Bouken Pink but it didn't come to fruitation during the time the Ashu attempted to release more of their fellow violent demons. It was that episode when he got injured by both Gai and Rei that Sakura Nishihori's sensitive side showed. When asked about her, he didn't respond so maybe he didn't find her his type. Eventually he learns that as long as he lives, it's apparent that Kei can't leave for the afterlife unless he's killed as revealed by the violent demon Ouga who was in love with his mother. Without his staff, he was turned into stone.

However he wasn't dead. He was found in the same place where his mother was and he overcame the illusion with a new staff. He came back to inevitably finish the job that needed to be done. He defeated Gai before the other Boukengers finished Rei off. He made them a grave mark to give them respect as worthy rivals. Towards the end, his bond with the others became stronger and he realized his greatest treasure was his friends. He joined with Inou Masumi's desperate attempt to defeat Desperado.

After the final battle with Gaja, he became part of SGS Rescue. He was last seen working with the others while Bouken Red and Bouken Pink went to space where he hoped they'd get replacements soon enough but didn't because they came back for the crossover with Gekiranger.