Female Blue Rangers

Super Sentai also had female blue rangers too. At the same time, the show features the common male yellow ranger so it's a color switcheroo.

They are:
Megumi Misaki (Blue Dolphin) of Liveman- She is the brains of the Liveman team and the first female blue ranger.

Ako Hayasaka (Blue Swallow) of Jetman- She is what I view as the female version of Jinpei of Gatchaman. She's the most likable Jetman member for me.

Nanami Nono (Hurricane Blue) of Hurricanger- I view her as a modern alternative to Megumi Misaki.

Urara Ozu (Magi Blue) of Magiranger- The last female blue ranger featured on Sentai as of this time and the only one to belong to a sibling force.


  1. que linda megumi misaki ... ahi hace años recuerdo que fui su seguidora me vestia como ella ..waaaaaaaaa y lso años avanzaron y avanzaron y io llegue a mi realidad... ahora ya tengo veinte y picoss ... waaaaaaaaaa

  2. i think only ako/blue swallow and urara/magiblue are the only female blue rangers of a 3/male and 2 female team to switch genders with a male yellow ranger in contrast to megumi/blue dolphin and nanami/hurricane blue who are the only female members of their teams


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