The Great Sage Barza

It's been a long time after I've written something for sentai commanders.

Barza... the very character that was used as Zordon's old body in MMPR. But now it's time to give MMPR fans a view of who Zordon really was as Barza. Also he NEVER had any android assistant.

The thing with him was he battled with the evil sorceress Bandora in the past when dinosaurs and man ruled the Earth together. It was probably during this conflict that the Dino Earth was created so he was able to undo the giant meteorites. He was one of those who survived the battle and most humans grew weaker as a result.

For some thousands of years after the dinosaurs perished on the regular Earth, he was assigned to keep the chosen ones in suspended animation until Bandora should one day escape. His fears came true when two rogue astronauts released Bandora and her clan back to Earth.

Fortunately for him, he had the Zyurangers. He also showed his own fighting power when he and Ryota's grandfather dressed up as military men in an attempt to stop Burai's release. He ended up welcoming Burai afterwards. Eventually he learns that the two eggs would be the only hope for the Earth to battle against the evil demon Dai Satan/Lokar. He also helped the Zyurangers cope up after Burai's tragic death.

Towards the end, he even helped the Zyurangers escape Bandora's phantom dimension with his powers. Eventually he joined the Zyurangers into their journey somewhere- I assume Dino Earth of Abaranger (but then, that's my speculation).