Jetman Song: Kokoro Wa Tamago Translation

For non-Japanese speaking fans, I think this entry will satisfy you for what the ending song really means:

If you love her
Whisper a wish to the wind
If you miss her
She’ll see those clouds
If you find yourself alone
Then quietly close your eyes
If you get lonely
And make a promise in your dreams

Your heart is an egg, a little egg
If you warm it until tomorrow
It could become a bird, it could become a cloud
If you love her

If you fall out with her
Why don’t you whisper “I’m sorry” to the wind?
If your heart is too embarrassed
Write a letter to the clouds
If you’ve forgotten your energy
Then quietly grit your teeth
If tears start
Then smile in your dreams

Your heart is an egg, a mysterious egg
If you warm it until tomorrow
You’ll get your energy back, you’ll get your smile back
If you love her


Strangely the song isn't very much of an action-oriented one, I think it would be just like the Maskman ending song (both are love story oriented). I think the song is more like from Ryu Tendo to Rie Aoi (but he ended up with Kaori Rokumen anyway). However, it seems to be a tribute to the Gatchaman members Ken and Jun who are frequently hinted.