Kibaranger: The Child Ranger

Honestly I think Dairanger as great as a series it was the one that introduced a child member of the team namely Kou who became the Kibaranger. It's really a shocker for those who watched Power Rangers' second season that Kibaranger is actually a child! Okay let's move on.

He was the son of Shaddam and a Daos woman thus giving him a curse on the other half. He was born with an evil twin brother named Akomaru. While he was growing up, he realized he had a talking sword, the ability to henshin and he frequently abused his powers. He hid his identity but was later exposed. He first appeared at the same time the Gorma Emperor resurfaced to reclaim the glory of the fallen Gorma Empire. His supposed baptism purified him from the Gorma powers he had.

What's his deal? So here it is- soon enough he ended up living with Rin/Houo Ranger and even fell in love with her. He had perverse tendencies which never get unpunished. He also had to struggle with his evil twin Akomaru who serves the Gorma. He never learned of the truth until later that his father was Shaddam (who was using a clay body as another body) and yet he could not become a Gorma despite the existence of perversity in him. He ended up having peace with his twin brother afterward. However after that, he saw his own mother and his own twin brother die before his very eyes. His mother sacrificed herself as well.

Eventually he assisted the Dairangers in whatever battles there were towards the finale. However, what became of him after the final battle (that is the aged Dairangers were shown) is still unknown.

Interesting note: Actually Super Sentai's "biggest glitch" for some was also ported into Power Rangers when Power Rangers Turbo based on Carranger came out. The blue ranger (wearing the Blue Racer suit) was actually a child ranger named Justin Stewart.


  1. I love Kou a lot. He's really awesome! :D

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