The Lone Battlizers in Sentai

Actually maybe some have NEVER realized that the idea of lone battlizers were NOT American. In fact, they were NOT very sentai. Actually the whole issue is that in Sentai, there were team battlizers but before that there was...

The first lone battlizer was with Dyna Black NOT red. He had the battle tector which the others didn't have. Probably he was the most popular member that time.

The idea of a bulky battlizer was SO Metal Hero and NOT Super Sentai which was featured in B-Fighter. Above is the picture of the rather cheesy Super Blue Beet which placed him out of balance with all the others all the more. Some criticized the design to be too bulky- a design that was integrated into the Power Rangers Universe starting from PRIS up to Operation Overdrive.
Theoretically saying, when Haim Saban adopted B-Fighter as Beetleborgs (which sort of was the only metal hero he franchised that did best), he must have seen how successful the Super Blue Beet design was and later applied it into Power Rangers to make more toys. Disney also decided to continue with the same strategy. However some Power Rangers fans however criticized this to be defeating the purpose of teamwork which I think it is. But hey, Toei made that mistake in B-Fighter too!

Zyuranger had a rather simple battlizer for Tyrano Ranger exclusively... that is after Dragon Ranger DIED. It placed him out of balance with the others. Presumably Toei didn't want to commercialize any of its genres Super Sentai or NOT, they stopped making the rather bulky battlizers.

A shared battlizer was later designed for Boukenger which any member takes turns in using namely the Acceltector.

Later in Shinkenger, each Shinkenger except Genta Umemori/Shinken Gold had the chance to go super.

Interesting note:
Strangely enough after both Dekaranger and Power Rangers SPD ended, Toei had the Battlizer used in the Dekaranger vs. Magiranger movie as an upgrade for Deka Red when he joined the Fire Squad. Theoretically, Toei must have created the Battlizer design and intended it to be used also by other rangers but the idea was scrapped off and later made a simpler battlizer.

Updated as of: November 14, 2010


  1. I read at the Japanese Wikipedia article of Shiro Izumi that he was originally contracted to play Burai in Zyuranger for only six episodes, but they renewed his contract due to his character's popularity. I'm guessing the original plan was to killed off Burai immediately and had Geki inherit his powers earlier.

  2. Also, there was Megaranger who had the Battle armor for the one OVA movie. Abareranger had the spike modes and Abare Red became Abare Max. Fiveman,Gingaman, Magiranger and Goseigers had the battle armors. Finally Gekirangers the primary had the power upgrade.
    Neat idea that should continue!!!


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