Male to Female Yellow Rangers

It's become something that from Super Sentai to Power Rangers conversion, male yellow rangers become female. (Images taken from: and

It has occurred to the mind of some Power Rangers fans who haven't seen much of Super Sentai to wonder why some female rangers became "flat chested" when morphed. The answer lies with this fact that the Japanese counterparts were MALE.

Technically, there are 17 shows with male yellow rangers (Jetman, Liveman and Magiranger had female blue rangers) and 13 shows with female yellow rangers (Changeman and NO yellow ranger but introduced the first white ranger which by the way was female).

The fact is the following Super Sentai series having male yellow rangers ended up having female yellow ranger counterparts:
Boi from Zyuranger's counterpart in MMPR was Trini Kwan (acted by the late Thuy Trang). She behaved a lot like 80s female yellow rangers notably Mika Koizumi the first female yellow ranger in sentai history as well as Haruka in Maskman (which she was more a softer version).

Hikaru of Gingaman and Maya of Lost Galaxy. Both were kind of playful.

Kelsey of Lightspeed Rescue was the female counterpart of Daimon of Gogo V.

Domon of Timeranger was naturally strong. When he was given a female counterpart in Katie, they just "genetically altered" her to put in balance but that's what I didn't like about Time Force.

Then we have Taylor from Wild Force and Gaku from Gaoranger. Taylor was simply the more female version of Gaku, both with competent sword skills. It would be interesting to see them both meet each other for a team-up.

Just some fun facts:
The interesting thing is that Goranger's yellow ranger was a boy. There were no female yellow rangers until...

The entrance of Chodenshi Bioman introduced two females at last. This was Mika Koizumi of Bioman. Because the actress Yuki Yajima left Japan Action Club, her character was killed off making Jun Yabuki the second female yellow ranger in Sentai history.

Actually it didn't stop putting more male yellow rangers than female. Changeman had no yellow ranger but the first female white ranger in the place. In Liveman, we have a female blue ranger and a male yellow ranger, a trend copied into Jetman and Magiranger.

Eventually Power Rangers ended up having the first male yellow ranger in Alien Rangers segment (but why can't they keep male yellow rangers as they are?!). However when Hurricanger was adopted to Ninja Storm and Magiranger was adopted to Mystic Force, the genders of the female blue ranger and the male yellow ranger were kept respectively.

A fun fact to add would be the fact that there are 17 shows with a male yellow ranger (if you count Battle Cossack as one) while 13 shows up to present had a female yellow ranger. Jetman, Hurricanger and Magiranger had a male yellow ranger and a female blue ranger. JAKQ had no yellow ranger and so did Changeman. JAKQ started with four colors (red, green, blue and pink) and was added with white and Changeman had a red, black, blue, white and pink combination.

Haim Saban, Turboranger and Jetman:

If Haim Saban wanted to franchise Turboranger as MMPR, I think we'd have a female yellow archer for the North Americans, a reference to Bioman's second yellow ranger, Jun Yabuki. Also, with a pink ranger named Kimberly for the show, some references to Bioman may be made.

And with Jetman- did the female blue ranger and the male yellow ranger not click much? Actually the thing is yellow is a always a girl's color in America while it was both used for male and female in Japan and so is blue while the Americans considered yellow much of a girl's color.

The apparent end of male yellow rangers?
Ever since sentai series after Magiranger (correction), there has been not another male yellow ranger (probably due to fear of Toei Japan of sex changing more yellow rangers) and until present, there has been a female yellow ranger showing up instead.


  1. "Ever since Dekaranger, there has been not another male yellow ranger"

    How about MagiYellow?

  2. Boi was better than Trini, I didn't think it was very necessary for Saban to change the sex.

  3. Jetman, Hurricanger and Magiranger had a male yellow ranger and a female blue ranger.

    You forgot about Liveman. :)

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  5. if you ask me, i think they should feature male yellow rangers again

  6. I hate Saban for being feministic. Ugh, they destroyed yellow.


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