Of Black, White and Green

Black, white and green... very common yet controversial colors. While lately Super Sentai had other colors but these early colors really did stir around a lot. (Note: I do not consider the Jetman manga epilogue to be canon so I didn't include Jeff Kansaki)
The first color coding in Goranger was red, blue, yellow, pink and green. This is a very common one.
JAKQ was the first introduced white ranger in the person of Big One who replaced the red ranger Space Ace as the leader. This was an important concept later added to make six members but the additional member didn't replace the red ranger.
Battle Fever J introduced the black ranger concept in place of the green ranger.
Changeman had no female yellow ranger, instead the first female white ranger was introduced.
Liveman had black and green as additional members to make a team of five while they started with only three.
Jetman had red, black, blue, yellow and white (NO pink ranger) as the color coding which was also used in Gaoranger.
Zyuranger had the first official sixth member (X-1 Mask doesn't count) which was the green ranger while the regular roster's colors were red, black, blue, yellow and pink. Sadly he was also the first official member to die.
The first male white ranger was in Dairanger (the costume used for Tommy when he got new powers) but he was just nine years old (heh, Justin should have been the white ranger instead). The color coding was the same as the first sentai and a white ranger was added. This color coding was also used in Dekaranger.
In Ohranger, the black ranger is a sixth member instead of a regular member. Apparently the writers at Toei used the failed concept way back in Bioman when Yatori wanted to join the team and landed with a rather cool black suit.


  1. Don't forget the fact that Battle Fever J introduced the first- And thus far only- Orange Ranger.


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