Ryu Tendo and Guy Yuki: An Analysis

Actually in Jetman, nothing is more complex at the start than the relationship between Ryu Tendo and Guy Yuki who don't like each other at the first time they meet. There was much of a difference between them.

So let's face it- Ryu Tendo was serious about saving Earth and Guy Yuki wasn't. Guy Yuki was one hesitant to join the team until he realizes that all is in danger. Despite him joining the team, he and Ryu Tendo hardly got along for so many reasons.

One had to be the way Ryu Tendo would harshly deal with subordinates sometimes and Guy Yuki is one to give him a sarcastic snigger. The first time that happened was when Ryu Tendo pushes Kaori Rokumen too hard (a reference to the Gatchaman scene of Ken getting mad at Jun and Joe doing likewise). Another is when Kaori Rokumen slowly grows feelings for Ryu Tendo the same time Guy Yuki does for her.

It goes get more complex as it goes along because Kaori Rokumen is ignored by Ryu Tendo while Guy Yuki likes her. So I just wonder why did that happen? The thing was that apparently Ryu Tendo likes Kaori Rokumen but he's unsure if he can love again. Actually the rivalry began to waver as the series went on.

In a rather unusual turn of events, Ryu Tendo discovers that his girlfriend Rie Aoi was actually Maria of Vyram. A shocked Ryu Tendo went into hallucinations which Guy Yuki snapped him out of that he was their leader. Eventually the two placed their rivalries aside until the end of the series. However in one infamous scene, Guy Yuki together with his frequent partner Ryta Ooshi tricked him into falling into the girls' bathing area though he doesn't hold a grudge.

Actually the two's friendship began to grow even to drink together when Ryu Tendo normally doesn't drink. During the Veronica crisis, their bond became stronger in order to save their friends. Guy Yuki ended up showing deep concern for Ryu Tendo. Why Guy Yuki let Kaori Rokumen take care of Ryu Tendo is probably him giving up on her but the two remained friends. Eventually he showed most of his concern when Ryu Tendo nearly went on a suicidal trend (even fighting an empowered Radiguet alone) after Rie Aoi died at the hands of Radiguet.

Three years after the fall of Vyram, he ends up going to attend Ryu Tendo's wedding. He was apparently mugged by a thug but probably the wound wasn't so deep so he wasn't dead in the normal Sentai canon while he was declared dead in the Manga.