Sentai Android Assistants

Super Sentai had robot assistants. The idea got ported for Power Rangers' Alpha Five (but he didn't exist in Zyuranger).

I'd like to display them:

IC the Denjidog may look like a real dog but he's actually a robot from the Denji Star. The concept was also ported into the Metal Hero series Metalder.

Peebo is the first humanoid one. He's a cross between Kamen Rider and C3Po. He was more of an assistant than a commander. His personality IMO would later be used for Alpha Five in Power Rangers. He's been able to cry when Mika Koizumi died in episode 10.

There was MAC from Flashman who assisted the Flashmen.

Colon was the first action oriented android assistant. She's also the first female assistant.

Arthur G6 is the Hoshikawa family guardian. He also becomes a cannon when needed.

Gogo V had Mint a cheery and child-like assistant android. He worked as an analysis android.

There is also Robota from Timeranger.

Timeranger also had Tak the mechanical owl. This has to be the best android assistant ever for me.

Dekaranger had another robot dog in Murphy who also became the team cannon.

Gekiranger had a training robot known as Robo Tough.

The Go-ongers had Bomper who was from Braneworld.

Goseiger had Datas to assist them.

The ToQGers had their buddyroids namely Cheeda Nick, Gorisaki Banana and Usada Lettuce.

ToQGer had Wagon. 

Updated: February 5, 2016


  1. What about Colon from Liveman?


  2. These guys are awesome. Tak, Arthur, and Peebo are my top faves. :)

  3. I forgot about Colon. Thanks for adding her! :)

    She's another one of my top faves.

  4. btw, I'm curious. Do you like Liveman at all?

    Cause I've noticed that every time you mention Liveman or Hurricaneger, you always compare the two.

  5. i really like arthur!!!!i think arthur is the first guardian robot.. hehehehe

  6. If you are a true Sentai Fan, then you must love Liveman!!!!

  7. Needs updating to add Navi (Gokaiger), the Buddyroids (Go-Busters), and Wagon (Toqger).

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